The Deep

The Deep is a tribute to maritime folklore and tradition developed over centuries of nautical exploration. The ocean, which remains immense and mysterious in our own time, was all the more enchanting and terrifying to sailors in an era when being at sea meant a profound isolation from civilization in oft uncharted waters and dangerous passages. The Deep is a circular accordion pop-up book which unfolds to an oversized eight-point compass rose. The compass, arguably the sailor’s most valuable instrument, not only enables accurate navigation but brings good luck, ensuring safe passage home and protecting against a watery end in the Deep. The text and images were inkjet printed on Beckett Expression papers. Pop-ups were cut and assembled by hand, then mounted on board wrapped in Canapetta bookcloth. The work is housed in a wedge-shaped storage box, which also holds a signed and numbered colophon. 2012 64" × 67" open (163cm x 170cm) 11.5" × 18" × 5.5" boxed (29cm x 46cm x 14cm) Edition of 10* * Inquire for purchasing information.

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