Dimensional Cannabis, published by Poposition Press, is the world’s first pop-up book about cannabis. It covers six aspects of cannabis culture in three dimensions. This was a collaborative project between six paper engineers, each designing a spread in the book.
In addition to engineering the Culture spread, I colored the entire book, adding to Mike Giant's black-and-white illustrations for each of the spreads, and set the type.
Concept: Rosston Meyer
Illustration: Mike Giant
Book Design: Kevin Steele
Editor: Leland Rucker
Paper Engineering: Ray Marshall, David Carter, Simon Arizpe, Isabel Uria, Roger Culbertson, Kevin Steele
Culture Spread (above) : Paper Engineering by Kevin Steele
Anatomy Spread (above) : Paper Engineering by David Carter
History Spread (above left) : Paper Engineering by Simon Arizpe
Cultivation Spread (right above right) : paper Engineering by Roger Culberston
Medical Spread (above left) : Paper Engineering by Isabel Uria
Paraphernalia Spread (above right) : Paper Engineering by Ray Marshall
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